After concluding the negotiations and you have taken possession of your new home, we can and want to do more in terms of managing your property for you throughout the tenure of your lease.

With our in-house real estate team, we are able to provide tenancy management once you have moved into your new home to help provide you with the prompt and meticulous support to ensure everything within your home is always properly functional.

We will act as an intermediary to your landlord and their representatives and help ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities towards you as a landlord.

With the aid of our network of contractors, the right professionals will be assigned for the specific job requirements for whatever needs to be put right. Not all the jobs are cost motivated and may sometimes require the best professionals in the business to put right. But that is not to say cost effectiveness is not something we work towards achieving for both landlord and tenant when solving the problems that will surface during the tenure of the lease.

Tenancy Management would include :

•  Single point of contact

•  24/7 property maintenance services

•  Prompting of expiring leases

•  Lease extension services

•  Maintaining client’s housing data base

•  Retrieval of client’s deposit

•  Ancillary services

•  Substitution of tenants