Our goal is to provide our client with a hassle-free departure, as repatriating can be quite stressful for the whole family.

Our specialists will assist you with a wide range of services to avoid any delays and additional costs in order for him/her to leave the country being assured that everything has been properly settled.

Our range of services :

•  Lease Termination Notification
Communicating the termination of a lease in a compliant manner.

•  Rectification Works and Cleaning
Arrange contractors for rectification works required for hand over.
Arrange maid cleaning service for handover requirements.

•  Utility Management
Cancellation of utilities – electricity, gas, water, internet, cable, phone etc.
Change of address or mail re-directing.

•  Property Handover
Inventory checks to ensure all listed inventory at the beginning of the lease are properly accounted for.
Property checks to ascertain the extent of repair/refurbishment works that are required for the handing over of a property in an acceptable manner.

•  Damage Deposit
Putting in the diligence process of reinstatement to assist the assignee or the corporate company with the recover of the damage deposit from the landlord.

•  Temporary Housing / Hotel Accommodation
Arranging temporary accommodation (hotel or serviced apartments) for the interim period of handing over the property and boarding the flight for departure from host country.

•  Airport Transfer
With each member of the family having at least a travel baggage or more, arranging a large vehicle to house the whole family and all the travel baggage to go in 1 trip to the airport.