The norms, conventions and practices in every county are different. The law sometimes could also be dissimilar between home and host countries and that is why, when negotiating a lease, we are focused on keeping you informed of the best practices and negotiation techniques to get the most of what you need to make a home away from home.

Lease Tenure
A typical tenure again would be different from country to country, and a minimum tenure would always be expected, and negotiating the right tenure of a lease is important as a pre-mature termination of a lease will inevitably invoke a penal clause.

Rent Fee
While it is not always possible to lower the landlord’s rent fee expectations, we will always try and sometimes even if we are not able to reduce the monthly rent fee, we endeavour to get more value out of it by successfully negotiating additional inclusions into the lease for the same rent fee.

Personal household effects can help make a home feel complete, but there are options to partially or fully furnish the home you select in host country.

We will help you make an informed decision and also and assist you with furnishing your home either by move managing a personal effects shipment or to find you the right resources to furnish your home as part of a lease condition. There is also the option of furniture rental.

Is there something that is not typically included in a lease, but having it would make a world of a difference to feeling at home? Black out curtains? An additional refrigerator to refrigerate your fishing catches perhaps? Within reason, we will help you manage that into the negotiation of a lease.