Finding a suitable school for their children is probably one of the top priorities in the minds of parents when they relocate to a foreign country. Our Relocation Specialists are familiar with all the international schools and their curriculums, policies etc.

You can be assured, that our experienced consultants will help coach your family through the process of finding a school that best matches your child’s academic and growing needs.

Our assistance in school search includes the following services :

•  Profiling
With the aid of a school profiling form, which would be completed and returned to us, so as to be able to properly assess the learning needs of your child, we endeavour to short list suitable schools for your consideration. Short listing criteria will evolve around detailed information on the types of syllabus and the extracurricular activities a school has as part of their all-round education program for their students. Special attention would of course be paid towards the special learning needs of a child, if any, as well as the admission rules and limited vacancies a school might have at the point of application so that all-round expectations can be properly managed for the benefit of the child.

•  Scheduling Appointments
Our Relocation Specialists will arrange accompanied visits during a school day with the admission departments of the respective schools and beyond that, setting up short meetings with parents with their kids studying in the school.

•  Registration
We will advise our clients on required forms and paperwork and ensure forms are completed and documents are in place, as delays can cause the assignee’s child a place in the school of their choice.

While we are not able to determine the outcome of the application or to assist with admittance by way of a debenture payment, our consultants will assist with providing the best options available based on availability and needs assessment.